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Amazing Technology and Advances in the World of Customer Service

Shep Hyken speaks with HDI’s senior writer/analyst, thought leader, customer support guru, and co-host of the popular #CustServ Tweet Chat, Roy Atkinson. They discuss how technology is advancing customer service and support.

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From self-service options to social media, from chatbots to AI, technology is changing how businesses and their customers interact. Roy shares how the best companies know to not only empower their people to overcome obstacles, but also support their customers using technology and confidence. They also touch upon how communicating and interacting with internal customers has changed. For example, they discuss how IT departments are focused more on customer service than ever before.  This episode of Amazing Business Radio will shed some light into the advancing world of customer service!

What questions will this episode answer?

  1. How is technology reshaping customer service and support?
  2. How has social media changed customer service?
  3. What trends are happening in customers contacting service and support channels?





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