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You’ve heard of the concept of Pay It Forward. Many people use the phrase to describe doing a good deed for someone with no other expectation than that person doing something nice for someone else and so on, creating a chain of good deeds. Don’t pay it back. Pay it forward. Continue reading

What if your customers said they would be willing to pay you twice what you normally charge? All they want in return is an amazing customer service experience.

Really? That’s it? That’s all they want? We already give great customer service. This will be a piece of cake! (Or, will it?) Continue reading

wow-me-with-little-things-and-detailsLast week I wrote about the Un-WOW. After a number of comments from our readers, I want to discuss how, when and where you can WOW your customers. I’ve always been concerned with a company that tells me that they want to consistently WOW their customers. Like perfection is not reality, the concept of consistently WOWing customers is a lofty, if not impossible goal to achieve. Let me quickly recap my position on WOW. Continue reading

Simple Not Easy - Low ResCustomer Service is Simple

My belief is that customer service is simple. At least it is on the surface. It can be as simple as just being nice to a customer. Being nice, showing empathy, being sincere – these are some of the basics of customer service, and they seem pretty simple. Of course there is much more to delivering an amazing customer service experience than just being nice, but that’s a pretty good start. Continue reading

customer-service-lessonAmaze Your Customers

It was 1987 and I’d just moved into my first house.  Doing some weekend repairs, I noticed that a saloon type door was coming off of the wall.  I took the bracket and hinge that connected the door to the wall and headed to my local Ace Hardware store.

I remember the nice gentleman that helped me.  I showed him what I wanted.  As we were walking down the aisle to get the replacement part he asked what I was using it for.  I told him, and he stopped. Continue reading