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Bribe Me With Customer SerivceSocial Review Sites

My automobile dealer wants my experience with them to be perfect. Really, they do! It turns out that the dealership is given a financial incentive by the automobile manufacturer to deliver excellent service. They are worried that if the dealership fails, then the next time I buy a car I may switch, not just to a different dealership, but to a different brand all together. Even though it’s not the manufacturer’s fault that the dealer gives me a bad customer service experience, the dealer’s problems reflect poorly on the brand. Continue reading

Customer Service AttitudeCustomer Experience

Just recently I was asked to come into a small executive meeting with just twelve people to talk about customer service. With this intimate group, I wanted to be a little more interactive; a dialogue with the audience, versus a monologue or speech. At one point I had the executives split into two groups of six. One group was asked to discuss the best customer service experiences they had ever received. The other group would discuss the worst experiences.  After ten minutes, each group would share one example; the best of the best and the best of the worst. Continue reading