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Rebecca Martin, Amazing Business Radio, Business of Emotion

The Business of Emotion

Striking a Balance Between Technology and Human Connection

Shep Hyken interviews Rebecca Martin. They discuss the role of technology in customer service, how emotion can drive customer loyalty, and how marketers and contact center workers can help each other in building the ideal customer journey.

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Roy AtkinsonRoy Atkinson on Amazing Technology and
Advances in the World of Customer Service

Shep Hyken speaks with HDI’s senior writer/analyst, thought leader, customer support guru, and co-host of the popular #CustServ Tweet Chat, Roy Atkinson. They discuss how technology is advancing customer service and support.
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Vala Afshar on the Future of Marketing: It’s Customer Service

Shep Hyken talks with Vala Afshar about how customer service is the future of marketing. Vala is the chief digital evangelist for Salesforce and author of “The Pursuit of Social Business Excellence.” He was named the most influential social media contributor on twitter for CMOs, CIOs, and CFOs. In this lively conversation, Shep and Vala discuss how technology has evolved customer service into the “new marketing.” Vala shares how you can leverage technology to improve your customer service interactions, and in turn increase customer satisfaction. You can’t afford to miss this episode on cutting edge customer service technology!

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Custoemr Service SpeakerCustomer Service Solutions

One of the worst friction points in a customer service experience is when a customer is put on hold. This is the exact point I wanted to convey to an audience at a recent meeting at which I was asked to speak. My client asked me to include a piece on hold times and transfers. I tried an interesting experiment. I invited the vice-president of marketing to the stage in the middle of the speech to deliver a special message. He walked on stage to a nice round of applause. He took center stage and looked at the audience. Continue reading

There are some very cool and amazing technologies that are helping companies deliver a better customer service experience.  It’s more than Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites.  It’s more than the cool CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that is available.  Even if you feel you aren’t technologically savvy, don’t currently use any type of technology or apps to provide customer service, or if you aren’t involved in a call center, you should still be interested in this article.  It is an indication that if you aren’t already doing so, you must embrace technology to augment and enhance your customer service.
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…Special orders don’t upset us. All we ask is that you let us serve it your way.

This was the Burger King jingle from back in the 70’s. Today people want it their way. Some places make it hard to get it their way. Go to a few fast food restaurants and try getting their signature sandwich without ketchup. Sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t. I always order my sandwiches without mayonnaise, and a good percentage of the time they have to remake the sandwich.

Subway makes sandwiches to order. As it goes across the “assembly line,” your professional sandwich maker asks you what you want. And now the Subway in Charlotte Harbor, FL has taken it to the twenty-first century with one of the first drive through systems that is equipped with a touch screen. You drive up, use the touch screen to order your sandwich, condiments and whatever else you want, swipe your credit card and simply drive up to the pick-up window and get your meal.

Joseph Candito, a development agent for Subway franchises across Southwest Florida, said the addition of the kiosk will lower the chance of incorrect orders. “It’s going to increase the accuracy of the drive-through through the ordering system,” Candito said. “I think it’s going to bring technology to the forefront for customer service.”

This system, made by Benseron Information Technologies is only the second of its kind, according to Onur Haytac, president of the company. It not only takes the order, the way you want it, the screen adjusts to the height of your car and is multi-lingual.

Now, you really can, have it your way!

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