Online & On-site Customer Service Training

Created by Customer Service & Experience Expert, Shep Hyken

The customer service experience can make or break a company. Are your employees creating Moments of Magic® for your customers or inflicting Moments of Misery? With our Customer Focus Workshops, we’ll customize an on-site training that will revolutionize your service culture, leading to increased revenue and reduced employee turnover. Need something more flexible? Our online virtual customer service training packages can be individualized to fit almost any need or budget. Whether on-site or online, our Customer Focus Workshops will take your service culture from ordinary to extraordinary, and from average to amazing.


Virtual Training Online: Shepard Virtual Training

Customer Service Training – On Demand – 24/7

Training isn’t something you did. It’s something you do!

Through our online virtual customer service lessons, you’ll access the same quality content as our onsite workshops – all the time. The key to successful training is repetition. That’s a big benefit to online/virtual training programs. You can come back again and again. It’s “on demand, 24/7.” Our customer service online training programs can accommodate any number of employees, from one to tens of thousands, and can be personalized to your company’s brand and message.

Customer service is largely common sense … although common sense is not always so common. We don’t teach complicated systems, but simple, memorable approaches that develop the building blocks of excellent customer service.

As you make your way through the online training programs, you’ll discover ideas, tips, and clever strategies that will produce positive customer experiences, also known as Moments of Magic®, at every level of your organization. Have employees who don’t deal with external customers? They still provide a customer service experience to internal customers, which can have a dramatic impact on your organization’s culture, your customers’ happiness and your bottom line.

No two students are alike, but our Customer Focus Workshops and Shepard Virtual Training teach a broad set of valuable skills that can create the kind of customer-focused service culture that separates the Okay from the Amazing. Whether you’re a new employee or the CEO, there’s something for everyone in our online customer service training options.

Group pricing now as low as $119 a month.

For more information please call 314-692-2200, or click here to go to the Shepard Virtual Training website.


Live On-site Training: The Customer Focus

Buddy Rice, Shepard Presentations Master Trainer during an on-site training workshop.

Customized On-site Workshops Designed for YOU!

Transform your customer service experience by giving your team the tools they need to create a customer-focused mindset that improves relationships with both external and internal customers. Through our innovative workshops and seminars, you’ll learn firsthand how to provide a world-class customer service experience.

The purpose of your business is to get and keep customers, and we’ll teach you how by creating a strong customer service culture that can help you:

  • Transform satisfied customers into loyal customers
  • Increase sales to existing customers
  • Turn your customers into your company’s greatest marketing assets
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Increase revenue
  • And much, much more

The Customer Focus Workshops bring affordable and flexible customer service training to you. Through facilitated exercises and discussions geared toward your organization, our program will help you create customer amazement at every opportunity. The customized workshops give your employees tried and true strategies, tips and tactics that can be put to use immediately.

For more information please call 314-692-2200, or click here to go to The Customer Focus website.