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Guest Blog: What is Outsourced Customer Support and Why Do You Need it

This week we feature an article by Costi Teleman who writes about the importance of excellent customer support and what to look for when outsourcing your support team.

Your business may have the best products and services in the industry, but without effective customer support, consumers would likely not care about your brand. Customer service offers more than just an avenue for your clients to show their support or grievance; it also helps attract new buyers and retain existing ones.

Sadly, even in the era of digital media and sharing, many organizations still fail to allocate enough resources to their customer support. However, whether you’re working with a small or large business, there’s a way to navigate around the lack of resources for customer support, and that is through outsourcing.

Before you consider outsourcing for your company, learn some of the benefits you can enjoy from implementing it.

Saves money and resources

Reducing costs is one of the most common reasons why companies outsource. Instead of hiring a full-time customer support staff and giving overtime pay during peak seasons, businesses can just collaborate with an outsourcing company. Some teams offer flexible and inexpensive staffing options; you can even choose a payment structure that charges per resolution and not hourly.

Naturally, you’d want to go for a company that hires only the most capable staff and develops a strategic outsourcing plan that will upgrade your process and adapt to your company’s needs. Only then can outsourcing be beneficial to you and minimize expenses.

Allows you to focus on core competencies

The right agency would remove the burden of customer support from your administrative team or other departments’ shoulders. Admittedly, customer service entails a lot of work, and other groups dedicated to other core business functions won’t be able to offer the kind of support every client requires, especially in terms of personalization.

With a remote team dedicated to support, operations would be able to focus on their primary tasks. In addition, you can allocate the funds saved from outsourcing to other functions that can contribute to business growth and expansion.

Offers more language options

Nowadays, offshoring—or outsourcing work to agencies outside your primary location or to another country—is the new norm. Instead of hiring in-house employees adept in multiple languages that incur larger compensation along the way, you can rely on your international partners to support global clients. You can then broaden your customer base by offering support in languages other than English.

Fast and round-the-clock response

Another benefit of having a successful partnership with international agencies is that you’d be able to offer 24/7 support. Getting a company that’s outside your main office’s time zone assures clients that someone is ready to answer their queries and concerns wherever they are. In addition, when you have more than enough people on the team, you’d be able to respond to clients quicker.

Adapts new technology for better operations and security

Outsourcing businesses understand the importance of smooth operations and security. Multinational companies will refuse to work with them if their systems and methods are antiquated. Therefore, outsourcing companies meticulously handle issues and concerns and take strict precautions regarding fraud and other challenges. In essence, this means that you can also take advantage of the new tech.

Enjoy the Benefits of Outsourcing Today

Outsourcing may be all about saving and reducing costs, but these reasons have proven that hiring a remote team for your business is not cutting corners. Rather, it’s doing everything you can to provide the best service to your prospects and clients.

Aside from the reasons mentioned above, there are many other perks you can enjoy from outsourcing some of your business’ functions. Nowadays, it’s not just limited to outsourced customer support—some have also relied on remote staff to do their HR, payroll, and other tasks, especially those related to back-office operations.

Costi Teleman is the founder and CEO of IntelligentBee, a tech company focused on outsourced customer support and software development with operations in the US, Australia, and Europe.

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