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The 5 Steps to a 5-Star Customer Experience with Katie Mares

How to Elevate Customer Experience and Strengthen Loyalty

Shep Hyken interviews Katie Mares, brand experience expert and best-selling author of CustomHER Experience. She talks about the 5 steps to creating a 5-star customer experience and the importance of genuine human connection to win over customers.

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This episode of Amazing Business Radio with Shep Hyken answers the following questions and more:

  1. What five steps are crucial for creating a five-star customer service experience? 
  2. How can language and tone significantly impact customer service interactions? 
  3. What are the potential drawbacks of companies relying solely on AI and technology for customer interactions? 
  4. How does the human touch impact customer experiences in an increasingly tech-driven world? 
  5. How does service recovery contribute to building customer loyalty and trust? 

Top Takeaways

  • Katie has shared the five steps to a five-star service on her previous episode on Amazing Business Radio. We are bringing it back as a reminder, plus more insights, examples, and actionable tips! 
  1. What you say and how you say it matters. Focus on the language and tone you use to communicate with your customers. 
  2. Use your customer’s name. Break down those walls immediately to create that instant connection. 
  3. Be genuine. Customers want to know that you care, not just that you have to care. 
  4. Anticipate their needs and deliver that plus one. Customers will give you the information, listen, and use what you know to elevate their experience.
  5. Be a hero. Sometimes, humans drop the ball. Service recovery doesn’t just fix the problem, it restores confidence. 
  • Women influence $43 trillion of worldwide spending annually. They also refer businesses they like 25% to 35% more than men. They influence 3 to 5 generations of spending. If you provide a good experience, you are not only earning her money and loyalty, but she is referring you to everyone in her orbit.  
  • While technology plays an important role in customer service, it should include the essential element of human interaction. Maintaining a balance between technology and human connection is crucial to providing a holistic and satisfying customer experience. 
  • Plus, Shep and Katie discuss how a good customer experience can double your revenue in 36 months. Tune in! 


“Often, we forget that our customers are humans who want an experience. Our sales systems and processes make the experience smoother, but they don’t make the experience. It is up to us to elevate that experience and create trust that will lead to customer loyalty, increased referrals, and increased revenue.” 

“A balance needs to be found between technology, AI, and human connection. Your customers are not bots; they are humans. We still need to give a human experience because people do business with people, not businesses.” 

“Be a hero. Service recovery is so important because you can sometimes gain better loyalty through recovery than the experience you have designed.” 

“You don’t need to provide an over-the-top experience or give your customers a big gift every time. It is all about tailoring the experience for the right moment. That’s what customers are looking for.” 


Katie Mares is a brand experience expert, TED talk speaker, and #1 Best Selling Author of CustomHER Experience. 

Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and host of Amazing Business Radio.   

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