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Cisco's Four Key Steps to Enhancing Customer Experience with Andrew Carothers

How to Get Your CX House in Order

Shep Hyken interviews Andrew Carothers, CCXP, Digital Customer Experience Leader at Cisco. He talks about delivering seamless experiences that lead to customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue growth. 

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Top Takeaways:

  • Building a solid customer experience foundation is essential for all businesses, regardless of their industry or target audience.  
  • Andrew shares the four key steps to deliver experiences that lead to customer satisfaction, repeat business, and retention. 
  1. Get your CX house in order. Break down internal barriers, whether they are human or digital, that hinder the success of customer experience initiatives. 
  2. Embrace AI. To handle customer experience (CX) on a large scale, go beyond manual, human-driven processes. Instead, focus on meeting customer expectations for instant responses, relevant content, and smart, seamless experiences across multiple channels. 
  3. Scale digitally in lockstep with selling partners. Create a comprehensive digital experience encompassing partners, customers, and internal teams. This enables everyone to access a unified, real-time view of the entire customer journey. 
  4. Measure what matters. The metric that matters the most is the success and thriving of the customer’s business. 
  • To create a successful digital customer experience, businesses must focus on reaching customers directly and through different channels, tailoring their approach based on customer preferences and needs. Utilizing digital tools and technology allows companies to effectively reach millions of customers in different countries and engage with them in a personalized manner. 
  • Plus, Shep and Andrew share more customer experience tips applicable to businesses, whether in B2B, B2C, or in government. Tune in!


“We are now in the age of the customer where customers can quickly and easily switch vendors if they want to. Every company must develop a customer experience that brings customers to the value they’re looking for quickly, without a lot of hurdles.” 

“Customers prefer digital self-serve interactions with the opportunity for a human fallback if needed.”  

“We are moving from the fear of AI to at least dipping our toes in the water because it is here to stay. Businesses must explore leveraging it to optimize their processes internally and provide a personalized customer experience.” 


Andrew Carothers, CCXP, is a senior customer experience leader, author and speaker. He was a founding member of Cisco‘s CX function, contributing to the development of the company’s digital customer experience strategy. 

Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and host of Amazing Business Radio.   

This episode of Amazing Business Radio with Shep Hyken answers the following questions and more:   

  1. What are the key steps to delivering a great customer experience? 
  2. How can companies improve their digital customer experience? 
  3. How can businesses increase customer adoption and retention through digital customer experience? 
  4. What impact has the digital age had on customer experience? 
  5. How can companies leverage digital channels to reach and engage with customers effectively? 

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