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The Human Touch in a Tech-Driven World with Venk Korla

Balancing Technology and Human Support in CX

Shep Hyken interviews Venk Korla, President and CEO of HGS Digital. He talks about the integration of AI technology in customer support to create personalized, empathetic experiences.

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This episode of Amazing Business Radio with Shep Hyken answers the following questions and more:

  1. How is artificial intelligence used to improve customer interactions in contact centers?
  2. What are the challenges in finding the right balance between technology and human support in customer experiences?
  3. What frustrations do customers face when dealing with customer service, and how can AI address them?
  4. How can AI be used to personalize and contextualize customer experiences in contact centers?
  5. What tools can be provided to improve employee satisfaction and performance in customer service?

Top Takeaways:

  • Balancing technology and human support is essential, as both play a role in customer satisfaction. When creating a positive customer experience, understanding the value of personalization and empathy is crucial. Companies can build strong connections and foster loyalty by tailoring interactions to individual customers and showing genuine care and understanding.
  • Companies can now use AI to transcribe and analyze customer service calls to gain valuable insights into customer interactions and enhance the quality of support that they provide. AI technology has the potential to make customer interactions more transparent and inclusive for both customers and support agents.
  • Investing in employee satisfaction and providing the right tools for job performance is essential for creating a positive customer experience. Employees who feel supported and equipped to handle their roles effectively are better positioned to deliver exceptional service.
  • When offering self-service options, provide clear, frustration-free instructions to empower customers to resolve their own issues. Venk brought up a concept known as the Ikea Effect. Similar to the enjoyment and fulfilling experience Ikea customers have assembling furniture on their own, customers become fulfilled and even elated when they solve problems without having to call customer support.
  • While AI and technology can streamline interactions and provide insights, the human touch, empathy, and personalized support remain essential in creating meaningful customer connections. Integrating technology with human support can enhance the overall customer experience.
  • Plus, Shep and Venk discuss findings from the CX Buyers’ Insights Report, revealing what CX decision-makers will invest in and focus on for 2024 and beyond. Tune in!


“Omnichannel traditionally means that a brand can serve its customers in different channels. Today, the goal is to have continuity of service because customers go from channel to channel interacting with the brand.”

“When we take care of the team who are representing our brand, the result is lower attrition and better performance.”

“AI can serve as a sherpa for agents. Many brands want to use AI to support their internal and external customers. In the process, most tend to forget that AI is an opportunity to increase empathy and strengthen your brand ambassadors – your customer support agents.”

“The challenge lies in appropriately using technology to create a balance between leveraging AI and human support, ensuring customers receive the best of both worlds for a seamless experience.”

“Customer service representatives being able to successfully solve customers’ problems is essential for their fulfillment and satisfaction in their roles, ultimately influencing the overall customer experience and satisfaction.”


Venk Korla is the President and CEO of HGS Digital. He has helped Global 1000 companies, healthcare institutions, universities, and non-profit organizations create digital strategies and solutions.

Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and host of Amazing Business Radio.

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