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Transforming Customer Feedback into Action with Sara Caldwell

The Impact of “Customer Research” on Achieving Customer Success

Shep Hyken interviews Sara Caldwell, VP of Customer Experience at Dovetail. She talks about the importance of everyone in the company being involved in customer research to understand and meet customer needs. 

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This episode of Amazing Business Radio with Shep Hyken answers the following questions and more:

  1. Why is it essential for companies to understand the specific needs of their customers?  
  2. How can unstructured data from customer conversations be transformed into actionable insights?  
  3. How can companies use conversational research to gain insights and improve the customer experience? 
  4. How can companies effectively leverage customer feedback from call center recordings for improvements? 
  5. How do companies use customer feedback to enhance products and services and better serve customers? 

Top Takeaways

  • Customer success in any business is about making your customers successful so that they can, in turn, be more successful with their clients. It means understanding your customers’ core needs and matching them to a solution. The goal is to focus on how often the product or service is used and how it helps the customer succeed in their role and achieve their objectives. 
  • Researching customer insights is not limited to a specific role or department. It’s something that everyone in a company can do to help improve products and services. This allows various teams in a company to learn more about their users and build their products or services accordingly. 
  • Organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of understanding customer feedback to inform decision-making. By analyzing and understanding customer conversations, companies can gain valuable insights that inform product development, customer support enhancements, and overall business decision-making. 
  • Self-service customer support is becoming increasingly important. Many customers prefer to resolve their issues without interacting with a support team. Companies must create a seamless customer experience where customers can find answers to their questions without interacting with a support representative. 
  • Transforming complex, unstructured data into actionable insights is key to helping teams build products their customers love. This involves taking conversations with customers and consolidating them into understandable insights. By making customer insights accessible and actionable, organizations can continually leverage this information to enhance their products, services, and support systems.  
  • Plus, Sara shares what every customer success manager needs to know. Tune in!


“If you’re confident in your resources and abilities to truly excel in providing a remarkable customer experience, and it fulfills a customer need while setting you apart in the market, then it’s worth prioritizing.” 

“Sometimes, the best customer experience is achieved through self-service, allowing customers to resolve issues without interacting with support. It’s essential to understand that not all problems require a personal conversation.”  

“Customer research is no longer just the responsibility of researchers. It’s something everyone in the company can do to help understand customers and improve the product for everyone , not just a specific segment.” 


Sara Caldwell is the VP of Customer Experience at Dovetail. A science school teacher by background, she transitioned into customer service and experience, gaining valuable insights and skills at companies like Asana, Reforge, and Neverware. 

Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and host of Amazing Business Radio.

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