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When you treat employees like rock stars, they will treat your customers like rock stars. That is what employee engagement is all about. Great leaders have preached that when you treat your employees well, they treat their customers – and fellow employees well. My friend and fellow customer experience expert, James Dodkins, has a great way of saying it:

If you want to put your customers first, you need to put your employees first, first.

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Employee GiftRecognition and Appreciation

Not that long ago I visited one of my clients, the Breckenridge Grand Lodge, in Colorado, which, by the way, is an amazing resort. While talking with several of their team members, a florist came in to deliver a plant. My client looked at the card to see who was receiving this gift, and she smiled. Continue reading

employee-engagementMore Engaged Workforce

The Kimpton hotel chain continues to impress and amaze me.  I just had a wonderful stay at their Alexis Hotel in Seattle.  The staff was nothing short of amazing.  I did some “mystery shopping” for this article by engaging with several of the employees to find out a little about their culture. Continue reading

Five Steps to Achieve Employee Fulfillment

Aristotle said, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”

This could have been the beginning of what we now call employee engagement.  That was a long time ago – over 2,300 years ago!

So, let’s break this simple quotation down.  Just nine words long, and yet it is very powerful.  Here are five simple steps that ultimately lead to happy, fulfilled, and engaged employees: Continue reading

At many of my presentations, I’ll leave time in the end for the audience to brainstorm the ideas and takeaways they plan to implement as a result of what they heard in the speech.  At a recent presentation for the Vail Valley Partnership in Vail, CO, Clark Walsh an employee at Old Forge Pizza made a great comment: Continue reading

In “The Amazement Revolution,” I write about how to create serious F.U.N., where the letter F stands for “Fulfillment,” the letter U stand for “Uniqueness,” and the letter N stands for getting employees excited about what is “Next.” This tip ties to the F.U.N. concept as we focus on giving our employees the autonomy to do their jobs and solve customer issues using their own methods. Continue reading

Appreciation + _____________ = Employee Loyalty

Below is a list of the words/phrases that you, our Shepard Letter readers, sent in for the Employee Loyalty Formula survey. There were several hundred responses. There were many duplicates (respect, trust, empowerment, just to name a few), yet I only listed each word or phrase once. At the end of the list are some of the comments readers sent with their responses. Thank you for participating! Continue reading