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We can't do thatCustomer Service Training

It happens all of the time. A customer makes some kind of special request. It’s not that it is all that special. It’s just not the norm. And, the first response from the employee is, “We can’t do that.” Continue reading

Jim Gilmore Shares Tips from His Latest Book,
“Look: A Practical Guide for Improving Your Observational Skills”

Shep Hyken speaks with James Gilmore, co-author of, “The Experience Economy,” one of the best business books of all-time. In this episode of Amazing Business Radio, Shep talks to Jim about his latest book, “Look: A Practical Guide for Improving Your Observational Skills.” Jim shares tips on improving your observational skills and how to gain different perspectives that will help you become more successful at work – and especially with what you do for your customers. You don’t want to miss Jim’s amazing insights!
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Don't Tell Me How To Do My JobEmpathy and Respect

Have you ever had a customer tell you how to do your job? While that hasn’t happened to me, I don’t think I would like it. But, what if the customer was right and the employee was wrong? What if the “suggestions” were valid, if not even the right way to get something done? Continue reading

Ted Rubin Reveals Tips on How to Build Customer Trust and Get a Return on Relationship (RonR)


Shep Hyken speaks with brand evangelist, social marketing strategist, and keynote speaker, Ted Rubin about branding, customer service, customer experience and, most important, building trust (with both employees and customers). Ted is one of the most influential CMO’s followed on social media and he provides us with great tips and ideas to help strengthen your “Return on Relationships” (#RonR). Business is all about trust, relationships, and the customer experience; so don’t miss this episode of Amazing Business Radio! Continue reading

We Are Not Happy Until You Are NotBrand Promise

Every once in a while I jokingly will say the motto of a company who gives me bad customer service is:

We’re not happy until you’re not happy.

There are certain industries that this seems to be especially true. People complain and joke about some of their experiences with government agencies. Or, how about the reputation of the cable TV industry? It’s hard to shake off a reputation for bad service that has been going on for years – although they do seem to be getting better. Other industries, such as the airlines and cell phone service providers are doing their best to improve. Continue reading

Bob Thompson - ABR adBob Thompson Talks About
How to Improve Customer Loyalty

Shep Hyken speaks with Bob Thompson, speaker, author and CEO/founder of the research and publishing firm CustomerThink, about his latest book, “Hooked on Customers: The Five Habits of Legendary Customer-Centric Companies.” Bob also shares some best practices for customer service and what is necessary to ensure a successful customer service strategy. If you want to create more customer loyalty (and who doesn’t), you can’t miss this episode!

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Water CompanyUse Common Sense

My sister, Kim, lives in Park City, Utah. She moved from one home to another about two years ago. Four months later her water was turned off, and she found a notice on her door that she was in arrears with her payments to the water company. She knew there was a mistake. She was set up to “auto-pay” the water bill with her credit card, the same as she had done for her previous home. Continue reading

Bruce TurkelBruce Turkel Shows Us How to Brand for
Customer Service Success

Shep speaks with branding expert, author, and professional speaker Bruce Turkel about how to brand your company for customer service. Bruce shares important tips and tools from his new book, “All About Them,” as they discuss the influence your customers have on your brand and how properly branding your company is essential for success. Listen to this episode of Amazing Business Radio and learn how to build your brand and reputation with your customers. The book may be titled, “All About Them,” but this episode is all about you!

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You Are Not Trying To WIn An ArgumentCustomer Service Training

There is an old customer service saying that has to do with whenever someone disagrees with a customer:

You’re not trying to win an argument. You’re trying to win a customer.

You really can’t win an argument with a customer. It’s not that the customer is always right. They aren’t.  If you’ve followed my work, you know that I believe the customer is not always right. So, how can you let them always win an argument? First, don’t get in the argument to begin with. Sure, you can win the argument, but you lose the customer. But, what you can always do is be respectful. You can let the customer keep their dignity. You can agree to disagree. You can work toward a mutually agreed upon solution. In short, you win the customer, not the argument. Continue reading

Annette Franz Reveals the 7 Deadly Sins
of Customer Service

Shep Hyken speaks with customer experience expert, Vice President of Client Experience at Compellon and author of the popular blog CX Journey™, Annette Franz. In this high-content packed interview, they discuss seven deadly “sins” of the customer experience. Annette shares tips that can help you prevent some of these deadly sins. Annette is also an expert in customer journey mapping and gives us some ideas that we can implement immediately. So, if you want to avoid some common, yet potentially devastating, customer experience and service mistakes, you can’t afford to miss this episode of Amazing Business Radio!

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Chicago Hot DogBusiness Strategy

Not all hotdogs are the same.

I love a good hotdog. Since I was a little boy, I can remember my parents taking me to the ball game and having a delicious hot dog.

I also remember some family barbecues where we had those fancy big thick kosher hot dogs. It took a while, but I eventually developed a taste for the fancier hot dogs. Continue reading

Jeannie Walters ABRJeannie Walters Shares How to Improve the Customer Experience

Shep Hyken speaks with the CEO of 360Connext, keynote speaker, and Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) Jeannie Walters, on improving customer experience. They discuss customer experience mission statements, customer expectations, and how to improve everyday interactions. Jeannie shares her expertise, as a leading authority on microinteractions, and how by improving these seemingly minor details you can greatly impact the customer experience. The customer experience is integral for every business, so you can’t afford to miss out on this expert advice.

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