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customer loyalty lessonsThe other night I had a wonderful meal at Mama Louise, an Italian restaurant in Orlando on Florida’s ever popular “Restaurant Row.” I ordered Mama’s Stuffed Chicken, and it was delicious. But, good food isn’t what this is about. It’s about the experience that Joe Esposito and his staff created. Continue reading

christopher-elliott-abr-abr-adChristopher Elliott Talks about How to Get a Better Customer Experience

Shep Hyken speaks with consumer advocate, author, and journalist Christopher Elliott about how to get what you deserve as a customer. They discuss the secrets to getting better customer service, how to reach the CEO of a company when you have a problem, the misconceptions of “loyalty” programs and more.  Elliott has earned the reputation of “every customer’s best friend.”
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How you promote your company, your products and services is a very important part of the customer experience. How much clutter do you create for your customer’s email inbox? How many times does the customer miss an important message when it gets mixed into the clutter? And, it’s not just email. It’s any method of communication, which includes text messages and social channels like Facebook, Twitter and others. Do you have a low readership or open rate on your communications? Perhaps it’s because the communications are more promotional than valuable. Continue reading

Donna Peeples ABRDonna Peeples on How Brands Can Embrace Change
and Improve Customer Service

Shep Hyken speaks with Donna Peeples, a customer experience expert and Chief Customer Officer of Pypestream, a technology company offering secure mobile messaging, about how embracing change can enhance customer service and improve customer loyalty. Before Pypestream, Donna was Chief Customer Officer at AIG Property and Casualty, where she was responsible for leading communication, management, service delivery strategies, and practices for customers. Continue reading

wow-me-with-little-things-and-detailsLast week I wrote about the Un-WOW. After a number of comments from our readers, I want to discuss how, when and where you can WOW your customers. I’ve always been concerned with a company that tells me that they want to consistently WOW their customers. Like perfection is not reality, the concept of consistently WOWing customers is a lofty, if not impossible goal to achieve. Let me quickly recap my position on WOW. Continue reading

doug-sandler-abr-abr-adDoug Sandler Shares How Nice Guys Finish First

Shep Hyken speaks with blogger, speaker, DJ, and bestselling author, Doug Sandler. They discuss his book, “Nice Guys Finish First.” Doug shares his expertise about how to provide excellent customer care, and how you can achieve more with customers by being nice. If you want to finish first in customer care, tune into this episode of Amazing Business Radio!

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This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague from Down Under, Warwick Merry, writes about an experience he had that demonstrates why a business must have the systems and processes in place to take care of new and existing customers. If you cannot take care of the customer, it doesn’t pay to advertise! Shep Hyken 
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eliminate-the-un-wowQUICK REMINDER: Don’t forget about National Customer Service Week, October 3-7, 2016. For more information about the week check out these resources.

Everyone wants to WOW their customers. They think that customer delight comes from going above-and-beyond or delivering an over-the-top customer service experience. I’ve always preached that the most amazing companies will occasionally deliver the above-and-beyond customer experience. But it is usually isolated incidents when a customer’s expectations are exceeded, when an employee properly handles a problem or complaint. So, what about the rest of the time? Continue reading

Dr. Michael LeBoeuf

 Dr. Michael LeBoeuf on
How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life

Shep Hyken speaks with the author of one of his favorite customer service books, professor, speaker and world famous author Dr. Michael LeBoeuf. They discuss his timeless classic that was well ahead of its time titled, “How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life.” Dr. LeBoeuf was a pioneer of his industry, who was discussing the customer experience well before it was a trend. He shares expert advice on how to not only gain a customer, but how to gain that customer’s loyalty. In this episode of Amazing Business Radio, you’ll hear Dr. LeBoeuf share stories and ideas on how to win over your customers and keep them forever.

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This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Brie Tascione, writes about the importance of improving the customer experience in the healthcare industry to improve loyalty and reduce frustration. Any service industry today must keep up with the technological advances when communicating with their customers. – Shep Hyken Continue reading

Shai Berger on Improving Customer Support

Shep Hyken speaks with leader, innovator, call center educator, and co-founder and CEO of Fonolo, Shai Berger about improving customer support. They discuss some of the friction points customers have when dealing with companies, and Shai offers great tips and solutions for eliminating these pain points. Do you want to provide a better customer support experience? You should, and this episode of Amazing Business Radio will help you do just that!

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This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Mark Smith, writes about how crucial personalization can be to the customer experience. When you customize or personalize the experience, even during the sales process, you are delivering a better level of service. – Shep Hyken Continue reading

three-words-to-describe-the-businessI’m very excited to share this concept with you, especially as we approach National Customer Service Week. If you’ve been following me for longer than a year, then you know that Customer Service Week is the first full week of October, and this year it’s October 3-7. So, as we approach this year’s customer focused holiday, I want you to consider working through an exercise that will help you create a better customer service experience. Continue reading

Bill Gessert Shares Tips to Make
National Customer Service Week a Success

Shep Hyken speaks with writer, speaker, and President of the International Customer Service Association (ICSA), Bill Gessert about National Customer Service Week. (This year the dates are October 3-7, 2016.) They discuss the background and history of this week, which includes a Presidential Proclamation, and discuss the importance of appreciating both your external and your internal customers (the people you work with). In addition to sharing ideas that your entire company can celebrate, they also provide great tips for making this special week successful. If you want to make your National Customer Service Week a success, you can’t miss this episode of Amazing Business Radio!
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