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Creating Confidence Through ServiceI recently interviewed Nate Skinner, the VP of Customer Care for Campaign Monitor, a company that helps businesses use email to market their businesses. It was for one of my Forbes columns, Seven Ways to Use Email to Build Your Brand and Create a Better Customer Experience.

In the process of the interview, I asked Nate about his favorite customer service story. Without hesitating he told me about Jordan, one of Campaign Monitor’s sales and support reps, from Minneapolis. As I listened to Nate tell the story, it was obvious that he was proud of how Jordan stepped up and reinforced one of the most important reasons a customer does business with a company… Confidence! Continue reading

Donn Sorensen Shares Leadership Principles That
Drive a Customer-Focused Culture

Shep Hyken discusses how to create and maintain a customer-focused culture with Donn Sorensen, speaker, philanthropist, and Regional President of Mercy, a large healthcare organization based in St. Louis, MO. Donn shares his leadership principles and how they help to drive customer service and experience. He also shares tips from his new book, “Big Hearted Leadership: Five Keys to Create Success Through Compassion.” You can’t miss this episode on how to reshape your culture through leadership!

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Learning Sign LanguageA recent segment on the CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood had an amazing customer service story. Krystal Payne, at a Starbucks in Leesburg, VA, noticed that one of her customers, Ibby Piracha, was deaf. One day Ibby came to get his usual coffee and Krystal handed him a handwritten note, which read:

“I’ve been learning ASL, American Sign Language, just so you can have the same experience as everyone else.” 

Wow! Now, this is a customer service story worth sharing – and learning from! Continue reading

Marilyn Suttle Shares “Fierce” Customer Loyalty Tips

Shep Hyken speaks with customer service expert, international speaker, best-selling author, and business owner, Marilyn Suttle about customer loyalty. They discuss mistakes leaders can make that hurt customer loyalty, and explain the different expectations customers have, and the level of importance each expectation plays in gaining customer loyalty. She also shares tips from her new book, “Taming Gladys: The Busy Leaders Guide to Fierce Customer Loyalty.” This episode will get you one step closer to gaining more loyal customers.

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Nice Service or Flawless ExecutionCreate Confidence

We all know what bad customer service looks and feels like. We hate the customer service rep that is just going through the motions without any sincere care for the customer. We try to avoid the employee with an attitude (a bad one) that doesn’t understand that his or her job is to help ensure the customer wants to come back the next time he or she needs whatever it is the company sells. We all have stories of why we won’t go back to a place of business. Continue reading

Steve Miller on Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Shep Hyken interviews marketer, speaker, author, and “The Idea Man”, Steve Miller about Marketing. Steve shares common marketing mistakes, and offers non-traditional ways to improve your marketing and avoid mistakes. So, don’t make a mistake and miss this episode of Amazing Business Radio!

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Robotic CS Saying YesPersonality Traits

I recently engaged in an online conversation with one of our subscribers, Per Sjofors, and he shared an observation regarding customer service. He noted that even if a company takes care of every request, if its response is lacking in personality, it may not be perceived as good service. I agreed, and we talked more about what I call Stepford Service. Continue reading

Andrea Michaels on Achieving Success and Thriving in a Crisis

Shep Hyken speaks with Andrea Michaels, CEO of Extraordinary Events, Pillar of the Industry award winner, and author on overcoming obstacles and conflict. Andrea shares her story on how she became one of the most recognized event planners in the world and provides lessons on how to properly handle crises. Everyone will encounter conflicts throughout their life. If you want to learn some great lessons on how to handle them, you can’t afford to miss this show!

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Simple Not Easy - Low ResCustomer Service is Simple

My belief is that customer service is simple. At least it is on the surface. It can be as simple as just being nice to a customer. Being nice, showing empathy, being sincere – these are some of the basics of customer service, and they seem pretty simple. Of course there is much more to delivering an amazing customer service experience than just being nice, but that’s a pretty good start. Continue reading

Nick Night Shares a Revolutionary Way to Add Value for Your Customers

Shep Hyken discusses marketing and sales with, CEO and Co-Founder of Revizzit, Nick Night. They discuss creating your 21st century fan club by offering exclusive content through untraditional means. Nick shares some great ideas and tactics he uses within his company – ideas that everyone can apply to their businesses.  You’ll also learn about, a publishing platform that is revolutionizing the publishing industry and is an outstanding way to provide value to your customers. The result adds value to your customer’s experience and helps create customer loyalty. (And, who doesn’t want that!)

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You Can't Script SincerityCustomer-Focused

It’s not that hard to notice when you’re dealing with a customer support rep who is less than sincere. They tend to say some of the same things over and over, such as, “I can understand why you would feel that way and we are sorry for your inconvenience.” It’s as if they are reading from a script… because most of the time they are. I actually had one customer service representative repeat that phrase so many times that I asked them to not to say it anymore. Continue reading

Karin Hurt & David Dye Share a Practical Action Plan
for Being a Better Leader

Shep Hyken speaks with Karin Hurt, Leadership speaker and CEO at Let’s Grow Leaders, and David Dye, award winning author and owner of Trailblaze Inc., on leadership. Karin and David share techniques from their new book, “Winning Well: A Manager’s Guide to Getting Results—Without Losing Your Soul.” Their focus is on developing people. They show you how to escape the metric maze and focus on getting better results AND building stronger relationships.

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