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Policy Manual Out the WIndowAs I travel the world and work with clients from all types of industries, they all recognize the importance of customer service and the role it plays in marketing, sales, growth and revenue. I continue to push my philosophy:

Customer service is not a department. It’s a philosophy to be embraced by every member of an organization, from the CEO to the most recently hired. Continue reading

Baer jayJay Baer on Hugging Your Haters

Shep discusses embracing your customer complaints with Jay Baer, marketing consultant, social media guru, speaker and New York Times best-selling author. In Jay’s new book, “Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers,” he shares why complaints are actually good for business. He explains his “hug your haters” concept and why you should respond to customers in every channel. So if you want to get an edge on the competition and turn your complainers into loyal advocates (raving fans), this episode is for you! Continue reading

This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague Richard R. Shapiro, talks about a skill that is crucial to a successful customer experience and increased loyalty, active listening. Pay attention to what customers are saying.  Take advantage of what you are seeing and hearing and then use what you’ve learned to surprise your customers with amazing and exceptional customer service. – Shep Hyken Continue reading

Damaged LuggageAn Amazing Experience

My daughter came home from school to visit us over a recent holiday. She was flying on Southwest Airlines and checked a piece of luggage. When the suitcase showed up on the luggage carousel, we noticed the handle was damaged. Bummer! I’ve been through this before.

Not happy, I walked into the Southwest office. What I expected was a long line, followed by a less-than-enthusiastic employee, extensive paperwork to fill out, and then who knows how long it would take to get the luggage repaired. However, I was pleasantly surprised. After all, this was Southwest Airlines. Continue reading

Tom Eggemeier_headshotTom Eggemeier Shares Tips About Doing Business Internationally

Shep Hyken discusses business etiquette and the cultural differences of doing international business with Tom Eggemeier, President of Genesys, a customer experience software company, specializing in creating great customer service experiences. Doing business internationally can sometimes be tricky. Listen to Tom share some of his experiences and tips on how to conduct business internationally. After all, with the Internet, the world has become a much smaller place. Continue reading

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats - Low ResYour Brand

Don’t you just hate it when you are talking to someone in a store or on a customer support call and the person says, “I’m sorry, that’s not my department.”? Well, here’s an extreme example of that situation.

I was at a restaurant. My water glass was empty. There was a server walking by with a full pitcher of water. I asked him, “Excuse me, can you please fill my water glass?” He answered, “I’m sorry, you’re not in my station.” Continue reading

January 25: Denise Lee Yohn on How To Get Your Brand In-line With Your Customers

Shep discusses seven brand strategies with Denise Lee Yohn, consultant, speaker, and author on brand-building. This show shares tips from her best-selling book “What Great Brands Do: The Seven Brand-Building Principles That Separate the Best from the Rest.”  These are amazing ideas you can use to help make your business successful.


Continue reading

Govindh14HighRes (2)January 19: Govindh Jayaraman: Your Five Step Plan for Life and Business Success

Shep Hyken discusses creating a plan for success in your personal life and in business, with Govindh Jayaraman. In his new book “Paper Napkin Wisdom: Your Five Step Plan for Life and Business Success,” great leaders share pearls of wisdom simply and briefly – on a Paper Napkin. Govindh’s goal is to show people everywhere how they can be successful, and change the world in the process. So if you want to make a change for the better, listen to Govindh share wisdom he’s learned from top entrepreneurs, leaders, and difference-makers.

Continue reading

It's Not Our Fault, But We Can Still Be ResponsibleSolving Customer Problems

What happens when the customer calls about a problem, but the problem is completely out of your control?

Let’s use an online retailer as an example. The customer buys a product and requests it be shipped via one of the typical shipping companies like UPS, FedEx or USPS. The product goes out right away, but the shipping company fails to deliver on time. The customer calls the company and is obviously upset. Why was there a delay? Continue reading

Ford Saeks picJanuary 12, 2016: Ford Saeks Shares Tips on Social Media, Dominating Search Engines, and Generating the Right Leads

Shep Hyken discusses attracting more loyal, repeat customers and leveraging social media with speaker, author, and growth innovator, Ford Saeks. Ford shares some expert tips on dominating search engines and generating leads that convert into loyal customers. These tips will help you expand your reach, build your database, and make more money. Continue reading

Snow HeadshotJanuary 7, 2016: Dennis Snow Shares Tips From Disney on Achieving Exceptional Customer Service

Shep Hyken speaks with Dennis Snow, professional speaker, bestselling author of “Lessons from the Mouse” and a man with a passion for service excellence. His abilities were born and developed while working at The Walt Disney World Company. Dennis shares his tips from Disney on how to provide exceptional customer service incorporating the entire customer journey into the customer service experience. Continue reading

It's How You Say ItCustomer Experience

My buddy Gary Chervitz just came back from Las Vegas. He was excited to share a customer service story with me. He prefaced it by saying it may not sound like a big deal, but after he told me what happened, I told him that while it may not be a big deal, it was still extremely important and worth sharing. Continue reading